Monday, 3 February 2014

Hove Railings, Moody Entrance and Space Invaders

"Hove Railings" :- I recently took a stroll along the weather beaten promenade that stretches the length of Brighton & Hove on the south coast. I ended up walking further than I had intended as I started off at the bottom of West Street (between the two piers) and I ended up out by The View (a restaurant & function Room near the tennis courts) on the Western Esplanade in Hove. It's quiate an eye opener to see just how battered our shoreline and beaches were wh the recent storms. The entire shape and contour of the beaches has been altered and shifted. It also made me realise just how well the Victorians constructed and manufactured things. The iron railings they put in place back in the 1800's are not only still standing but actually still managing to hold against the wrath of the sea and all that it throws at them!

"Moody Entrance" :- I have often found myself walking along Upper North Street in Brighton as it offers a quieter way to get from A to B and therefore eradicates the "salmon swimming upstream" feeling that I get when trying to negotiate the packed crowds of Western Road. I pride myself on being more visually aware than most but have to admit that I had never noticed this entrance / alleyway before. It sits in among a row of houses whose doors open up directly onto the pavement / sidewalk but this one entrance is gated and appears to lead to a house that's set back well away from the road and the other houses. It intrigues me and I'd like to know more of its history and why it's set back and different from all the others.

"Space Invaders" :- At first the title of this image may seem a tad odd but I chose it for a couple of valid reasons. The first is that the silhouettes of the breakwater and Brighton Marina do seem to invade the wide open vista of sea and sky as they jut in from the left. If the man made objects weren't there at all then mother nature's beauty would be on display 100%. The second reason is because I saw everything in a very different way when I was processing the image. The pinks and blues of the sky and sea blended in to form the large void of space and the odd shapes and dark patches of the Marina, breakwater and slight reflection combined to form what (to me) looked like a large spaceship or battle cruiser drifting into view. In reality it was just another wonderful Brighton beach scene lit by the sun setting in the West.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill