Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New Construction, Reptilian Wood and Fishing at Sunset

"New Construction" :- The image is a couple of years old now but at the time it was taken this building had only just finished being constructed. t's at the back of Wat Chedlin which is on Proprakklao Road in the city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. To access the building you have to cross a lake via a rattan and bamboo bridge and walkway that creaks with every step you take. It's a very tranquil place to visit.

"Reptilian Wood" :- There's a public right of way between the village of Falmer and Woodingdean that leads from the Falmer Road over the downs and to a large copse of trees. Along that path there are various weather beaten trees, shrubs and bushes. The pathway commands some stunning views over the downs too. It's well worth the effort and time to walk the route.

"Fishing at Sunset" :- A lone fisherman stands on the end of a large Victorian breakwater / groyne on Brighton beach, Sussex, England. The sun drops down to mark the end of the day and picks out parts of the churning sea as it dips. Part of the breakwater in the foreground is thick with pebbles indicating the level the sea has been at during some of the storms over the last few weeks.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill