Thursday, 13 February 2014

Ornamental Garden, White Horse Wall and Beach Furniture

"Ornamental Garden" :- This ornamental garden is called The Rockery and it's the biggest municipal rock garden in Britain. It's probably also the heaviest municipal rock garden in Britain as there is 1,350 tons of stone from Cheddar in Somerset, England.   The Rockery was landscaped in 1935 by Captain B Maclaren and is part of  the 63 acre Preston Park (situated directly opposite) on the London Road.

"White Horse Wall" :- The White Horse is a hotel (and bar) in the ancient village of Rottingdean and is situated directly overlooking the seafront and English Channel. There is a small outside beer garden / seating area above Rottingdean Terraces that commands wonderful sea views. This shot was taken late afternoon as the sun was going down. The serrated and jagged looking wall in silhouette is just by the car park of the hotel.

"Beach Furniture" :- Referred to locally as "The Doughnut" this sculpture's official title and name is "Afloat". It's situated on the far end of the Victorian built East Street Groyne / Breakwater just west of Brighton's famous Victorian Pier. This huge bronze sculpture was put in place and unveiled to the public in 1998 and was designed by sculptor Hamish Black to look like our planet with it's North and South poles pushed together thus forming the central hole. I took this shot a few days ago (on the 10th February 2014) between storms.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill