Saturday, 8 February 2014

Saturation Point, Seat with a View and Lines and Light

"Saturation Point" :- Hove beach on the Sussex coast during much more peaceful times. Right now it's a tormentous, writhing mass of white horses and ferocious waves as we are being ravaged by storms which is why I elected to post a much more calming image. I had walked all the way out to the old King Alfred Leisure complex and was pleasantly surprised to discover a very low tide coinciding with the sunset. The beach at Hove has vast flat sand beds at low tide and certain parts had trapped seawater which caused this wonderful mirror like effect everywhere you looked.

"Seat with a View" :- A cliff top bench commands a wonderful view over the English Channel. Just a few feet and a simple wire fence lay between it and the huge drop down to the beach below. This was taken on the stretch of cliffs that are situated between the village of Rottingdean and Ovingdean Gap. Just a couple of miles West of this point is the sprawling coastal city of Brighton.

"Lines and Light" :- A normally mundane and uninteresting stretch of the Eastern arm of Brighton Marina suddenly becomes a fascinating and eerily compelling avenue of light and dancing shadows by night. Everything in this image seems to shove you at great speed to the far point in the centre. I know the area well but have to say I find this shot fascinating as it makes the entire place look far more intriguing than it actually is. It looks like it could easily be some internment camp or prison, a high security government complex or top secret installation. In reality it's just offices within the marina and a section of its wall.

Photography Copyright © Justin Hill