Sunday, 2 February 2014

Snack Attack, Three & a Half Miles and 966 AD

"Snack Attack" :- Well i thought I knew where I'd taken this but having just checked on Google Maps I have discovered that it's not where I thought it was at all! In fact I have no idea where this shot was taken apart from that it was in the ancient city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. You don't have to look far or wait long before a food cart pulls up in Thailand. They are constantly roaming the streets, roads and sois day and night because the people of Thailand seem to eat every ten minutes, 24/7. I like this shot because they were all oblivious to me being there. I also love the shadows of the wooden fence and hanging flower basket that are cast by the evening sun on the wooden door.

"Three & a Half Miles" :- The title refers to the distance between where I took the shot and the city of Brighton (you can just see some tower blocks far off). It's a route I often walk and to be honest it doesn't take me too long to get in once I have made it down onto the beach and undercliff walk. It's already taken me 20 / 25 minutes to get here by foot so normally I am looking at an hour and a half (at least) from my front door to Brighton. 3.5 miles is (approx) 5.63 kilometers, it only takes 10 minutes to drive in but the cost of fuel as well as the parking charges (that's if you can find a space) means that more times than not I take a walk. It helps keep my 40 something body fitter and I often take the camera along for the journey too as that also keeps my brain active and my eyes on the lookout at the same time. If you are going to get some exercise you may as well be arty and visa versa.

"966 AD" :- Sometimes information is so astounding that it's very hard to get your head around and is difficult to register. This beautiful little church (St Peter's) is hidden away in a tiny village called Southease not far from the port of Newhaven on the south coast of England. We know it's stood in this spot for aeons as there are ancient documents proving the fact. The Wikipedia entry for Southease states "King Eadred was reputed to have granted the manor of Southease (including Southease parish, 38 hides, a church and part of South Heighton) to Hyde Abbey. It was granted to the abbey again by King Edward in 996. The church dates from the year 966." A copy of King Edgars Charter of 966 can be viewed online here :- King Edgars Charter

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill