Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Solar, Chichester Cloister and Icy Leveller

"Solar" :- Along the River Adur in Shoreham (Sussex) there's an area that has many houseboats and they come in all shapes and sizes. From humble wooden vessels and odd shaped barges to fanciful designs and huge hulking minesweepers. I shot that way back in July 2012 during a wonderful heatwave that we were experiencing here on the South Coast. This boat caught my eye as it had an array of solar panels on its roof.

"Chichester Cloister" :- This is a shot looking down the Southern cloister of Chichester's mighty and very fine Cathedral. There's a huge sense and feeling of history here as you walk upon the ancient stone slabs. You can feel the age of everything that you pass and cannot help but wonder about all the people through the ages (and their various fashions) that have walked along the same route. This awesome architectural wonder was founded as a cathedral in 1075.

"Icy Leveller" :- I have had his shot on file since January 2013. we were caught in the frozen but very beautiful grip of Winter and he village of Ovingdean in Brighton was turned into a white wonderland. Instead of staying in in the warm I decided to wrap up and go for a long walk and take my camera along for the ride. This was one of the shots that I grabbed as I was making my way back home with numb fingers and toes.

Photography Copyright © Justin Hill