Thursday, 27 February 2014

Stairway to Enlightenment, Nature's Lines and Sad Fish

"Stairway to Enlightenment" :- This beautiful little set of steps leading up to a golden image of Buddha is located in a Theravada Buddhist temple called Wat Phra That(วัดพระธาตุดอยสุเทพ) . The temple is on top of a mountain called Doi Suthep and it overlooks the city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. It is thought to have been founded in 1383 AD and it's one of the most wonderful temples that you can visit. It's very calming and commands incredible views over the city.

"Nature's Lines" :- Breathtaking isn't it! This was taken on a stretch of beach between Rottingdean and Saltdean on the south coast of England. The chalk bed and rocks were acting as a natural harbour and stopping the waves from disturbing the water nearer to the beach.. There was a surreal calmness to it all and a stunning mirrored effect that made the rocks look as if they were floating in space!

"Sad Fish" :- This is no longer there. In fact the entire park has been redeveloped and redesigned and I have to say for the better too. This is an image of the back of the old toilet block (thick with graffiti) at the Level, a park in Brighton.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill