Thursday, 20 March 2014

Abandoned, North Gate and Watch Your Step

"Abandoned" :- Once in a while a scene or situation presents itself that's simply too good to ignore. I was taking a stroll along the beach when I happened to glance to my right at the arches on Madeira Drive. It offered up to me the chance to get this shot with nobody in it. No cars, buses, motorbikes or trucks on the upper or lower road. No gulls, dogs, roller skaters, joggers or walkers in view either. An image of Brighton beach, the arches, terrace and seafront architecture without anyone in sight. Unbelievable. It's easy to forget just how unique and stunning the Brighton front is but when you see it like this it's jaw dropping.

"North Gate" :- A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that the various elements and structures that form the Royal Pavilion & Dome complex (including its gardens) were all built and constructed at the same time as the Royal Pavilion itself. This is not the case. The Royal Pavilion itself started out life as a relatively simple (but large) summer house in 1787 and was then transformed by John Nash between 1815 and 1822 into what you now know as Brighton Pavilion. This image is of the Northern Gate to the Pavilion and its gardens and it wasn't built until 1832 a full 10 years after Nash had finished the lavish Pavilion. The gate is constructed out of Portland stone and is of Indian styling to fit in with the look of the pavilion itself (the pavilion is Pseudo Indian on the outside and its interior is peculiarly Pseudo Chinese).

"Watch Your Step" :- It comes as no surprise to find out that I did not set foot on these steps at all and that I avoided them at all costs. Spending half of their time submerged in sea water means that they end up covered in thick green slimy weed that when stood on takes on the properties of ice. I do love the natural subdued grey, green, brown and blue hues that the seaside provides.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill