Sunday, 16 March 2014

Barred, Heavens Above and Roof Space

"Barred " :- This was shot down on Brighton beach promenade just to the west of the pier. I'm not sure what it used to be used for but now it's all closed up with grills over the windows and a bar across the door. The shadows, shapes and play of light caught my attention which is why I stopped and photographed it. It's not the most glamorous of subjects but it's still part of Brighton.

"Heavens Above" :- An uneventful and unfruitful expedition with the camera left me with sore feet and not much else. After a three hour walk I'd had enough and was making my way back to where I'd parked the car when the clouds parted and mother nature made her move. The sunlight ripped through the gaps and back-lit the pier perfectly with dancing beams of light. I ran across the beach to get a better position for the shot before the clouds swallowed it all up again. I like this image, I love the way the angle of the beach, clouds and light match.

"Roof Space" :- This is the interior of the mighty St Bartholomew's Church in Brighton, England. It was built between 1872 and 1874 and it's colossal. It's 170 feet (51.81 meters) in length, 59 feet (17.98 meters) wide and has a height of 135 feet (41.14 meters ) to the ridge of the roof . To give you an idea of scale and put a little perspective on things the cross that you see built into the far (northern) wall is 30 feet (9.14 meters) high. There's a huge calmness inside but if you do happen to drop something or knock into anything the sound it makes seems to last forever as it rolls around and reverberates within the cavernous space created.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill