Saturday, 22 March 2014

Blue Light Green Light, Clifftop War Memorial and Epic Sunset

"Blue Light Green Light " :- This is a section of the famous Brighton Lanes, lit up at night and glowing from recent rainfall. The Lanes were originally part of the settlement of Brighthelmstone. They were built up more during the 18th century and by 1792 they were fully laid out and planned. The large white building was once the Union Chapel. For three entire centuries it was used for religious purposes and then in the late 1980's it was decommissioned and converted into a public house. It's now goes under the name of "The Font" and is a grade II listed building.

"Clifftop War Memorial" :- This stone obelisk sits high up on the cliff top at Telscombe commanding great views over the English Channel. It's a memorial to those that lost their lives in the war and is in the perfect place to sit and reflect.

"Epic Sunset" :- Another unexpected (but slightly anticipated) moment where I found myself in the right place at the right time. Slipping around out on the rocks with wet boots and cold fingers. Fumbling around with the camera whilst mumbling to myself that I was wasting my time and then it happened. The clouds split, the sun broke through and the pinks, golds, blues and purples created something that you normally only see in paintings. A bit of sun flare in the camera added to the scene and another idyllic (but chilly) day at Ovingdean Gap came to an end.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill