Saturday, 29 March 2014

Comfort, Rock Breakwater and Sunset Promenade

"Comfort" :- I have no idea of the back-story as to why this bench was covered in the first place but it's certainly seen better days. It's situated at the bottom of Elm Grove on the corner where it meets the Lewes Road near The Level in Brighton, England. Yet again I was getting strange looks from passers by as I stood there taking shots of it but to me it was a perfect subject. The green background with the red torn fabric, the white stuffing and grotty stonework all came together to make an intriguing image.

"Rock Breakwater" :- The Victorians were great for protecting much of Brighton, its beaches and the seafront. They were fully aware that offshore drift would cause massive erosion and that the consequences could be cataclysmic as far as Brighton was concerned. So they built huge breakwaters (groynes) out of concrete and stone at intervals all the way from Hove out to Black Rock at the far eastern end of Brighton (where the Marina is now). But only a few were built at Ovingdean Gap , Rottingdean and Saltdean. These few out of town served their purpose reasonably well but as time progressed it became apparent that more needed to be done to protect the small stretches of beach further out. So instead of building more concrete breakwaters like the Victorians had it was decided to ship in giant rocks and boulders from somewhere (no idea where) and pile them up to interrupt the sea's flow and erosive qualities. I photographed this one near Saltdean.

"Sunset Promenade" :- This is a shot of Hove promenade at the far end of Hove Lawns near the old King Alfred Leisure Centre. It had been a rather uneventful walk but I had a feeling that there was going to be a great sunset so made an effort to keep going in the hope that i'd be in the right place at the right time for sundown. It turns out my instincts had been right as the sun put on a great show which I photographed on the beach for a while before turning around and heading back towards Brighton. This shot was taken on my way back as I turned around to find an empty promenade backed by the sunset.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill