Sunday, 9 March 2014

Distant Star, Phone Box and Well House

"Distant Star" :- Our planet just happens to be in the perfect position for us to thrive, it's in what is commonly known as "The Goldilocks Zone" which means we are neither too cold or too hot and therefore just right. Standing on the shoreline looking out across the English Channel as the sun dipped down behind a bank of clouds it suddenly hit me that I was viewing our life support system. Without it we'd not exist. All life on this planet is effected by the sun, the moon and other forces from within our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

"Phone Box" :- This was shot at the Madeira Colonnade on Brighton's lower seafront road called Madeira Drive. It was built in the 1920's and is now a row of bars, souvenir shops and fish and chip restaurants. There are also some public conveniences (entrance to those is that the large black hole in the wall) that are in severe need of "fixing up". This is also where you'll find the Volks Bar and The Madeira Cafe which are both popular with bikers. I shot this around 6 pm just as everything had quietened down and closed up for the night. The sun was just in the right position to cast long shadows as well as illuminate the grotty looking public phone box.

"Well House" :- Stanmer Church was an Anglican church in Stanmer village which can be found at the back of Stanmer Park. The park itself was once the private estate of the Earl of Chichester. The church was built in 1838 and is a grade II listed building but was declared redundant and ceased to function as a church in 2008. At the side of the church there is a wellhouse which contains a rare 18th century vertically mounted donkey-wheel which was once used to draw water from a well.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill