Saturday, 8 March 2014

Eighteen Hundred Memories, Lit Laines and Sea Spray II

"Eighteen Hundred Memories" :- Several months ago this shot would have been impossible to take unless I happened to be carrying a very large step ladder around with me. Due to the ferocious storms that recently hit our shorelines the beach, shingle and pebbles has been pushed back and up to a height that I've never seen it at before. So, if you stand in the right place on the beach now you find you are almost at head height to those wandering on Brighton's famous Victorian pier! Once again timing is everything and I just happened to be there as the sun lined up with one of the piers windbreaker partition windows!

"Lit Lanes" :- An unusually deserted night time shot of Brighton's famous historical Lanes. This little network of crisscrossing narrow lanes and alleyways was once part of the original settlement of Brighthelmstone. During the 18th Century they were built up more and by by 1792 they were fully laid out. To be honest I rarely venture through them as they are often full of overpriced boutique and antique shops not to mention tourists. But it's not until I see an image of them (like this one of mine) that I realise just how unique and unchanged they remain to be. It is like taking a walk through history!

"Sea Spray II" :- This shot was taken a few weeks ago (15th Feb 2014) just after Brighton & Hove seafront took a direct hit with the storm and angry sea. It picked the beach up and dumped it on the promenade burying anything and everything in sight. I stopped to take a shot of the back of this buried bench because it had Bladderwrack seaweed trapped in it. I knew the light was against me and that it probably wouldn't be a great shot but I took it anyway as is the joys of digital photography. I was pleasantly surprised when i processed it and found not only was it a moody and bleak looking image but the light coming through the storm clouds on the sea was very atmospheric and the camera lens also had caught the odd bit of sea salt spray which added to the effect. I wandered back up this way a few days ago and the area has now been cleaned and looks like proper promenade once again. I have also cleaned my lens!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill