Monday, 31 March 2014

Front Line, Primeval and Sky Filled Pond

"Front Line" :- An early evening shot of the old railway lines that run between Brighton's famous old Victorian Pier and the Marina. These are no ordinary railway lines though as these belong to the Volk's Electric Railway which is the the 'world's oldest operating electric railway'. It opened to the public on August 4th, 1883 and the journey was originally just over a quarter of a mile (Approx 402 meters). Quite soon after it was put into operation Magnus Volk tried to get permission to lengthen the track running West but that was blocked so he changed his plans and got approval for it to be extended towards the East instead. At the same time the work was being carried out on extending the track he also had its gauge widened to 2’8½”. The new line was constructed at quite a rate and just eight months after it's original opening it was ready for public use once more on April 4th 1884.

"Primeval" :- There's nothing in this image that lets you know when it was taken...unless you know what you're looking for and then it only suggests that it was taken sometime after 1901. I'll let you ponder on that one (it's easier if you know some of Brighton's history). On the face of it though this shot and image looks timeless and primordial. It wouldn't surprise me if a fish crawled out of the sea, stood up and had a walk around thus ensuring evolution's place on this fine world of ours.

"Sky Filled Pond" :- Shot one week ago on March 24th (2014) during a long and relatively arduous walk to Lewes and back from Ovingdean in Sussex, England. The dew pond is located 1.8 miles (2.89 km) from Woodingdean and 1 mile (1.60 km) from the village of Kingston and sits on top of a large hill that's part of the South Downs Way. The weather wasn't hot but it was mild and dry which meant it was perfect to take in some scenery and have a good long walk.

Photography Copyright © Justin Hill