Monday, 17 March 2014

Ghosts of the Past, Turned & Ready and Perfect Solitude

"Ghosts of the Past" :- A few days ago a thick sea mist and fog hit much of the south of England. The coastal areas were fading in and out as if the reception was particularly bad which created an eerie and odd atmosphere. I decided to walk into Brighton and take my camera along for the fun of it. This shot of the pier was taken around 18:00 pm just at lighting up time and as the mist was rolling in again. I love the way the lights fade into nothing as you chase them down the length of the pier.

"Turned & Ready" :- Less is more or so it often seems. The more simple and 'clean' something is the more effective it appears to be. This goes for design, architecture, art, music, story telling and photography. I was getting a few odd looks as I stood on the path that ran alongside this field. The newly constructed path runs between Woodingdean and the village of Falmer, it's quite a walk but a very nice walk and on a Saturday afternoon I found myself sharing it with a lot of football fans heading towards the Amex Stadium at Falmer. So it was the football fans who were giving me odd looks as i stopped and took this shot. I could see them and hear thinking "What's he photographing?" or "There's nothing there, what's he doing that for?". But to me there was something there and that something was what they'd already spotted but thought nothing off and that something was...nothing. Space. Pure clean space. Some dirt and some sky with an awful lot of nothing thrown in. Beautiful.

"Perfect Solitude" :- This is a place that you'll often find me in. Down on the beach and among the rocks at the foot of the chalk cliffs that run along much of Brighton's east coastline. I am lucky as the beach is only a 25 minute walk from my front door. I can escape the technological world and the noise of modern life and breathe the air, taste the salt and appreciate the planet down here. It's primordial at times. It's stunning and simple. The waves come in and the waves go out. The gulls fly by. That's it.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill