Sunday, 23 March 2014

Heaven & Earth, Graves & Door and Sun Terrace

"Heaven & Earth" :- I'm lucky living near the beach and the coast. It's a place I return to time and time again virtually on a weekly basis. I never tire of it or get bored as it's ever changing and evolving. It looks so very different depending on the time of day you visit and what the weather is up to. The different combinations are never ending and forever offering up something visual. This image was taken and created back in November (2013) on Brighton beach during low tide.

"Graves & Door" :- This was shot in the grounds of St John's Church in the village of Piddinghoe (between Lewes & Newhaven) in Sussex, England. The church is mainly 12th and 13th Century with a few repairs and additions made in the 19th Century. t's one of only three churches in Sussex with a round tower (out of shot) opposed to the square Norman towers that feature in so many other churches. It also has a You can see in this shot (top left) the shadow of the weather vane on the roof. It's unusual in that it's a large gilded fish. No one knows the age of it or why it's shaped like a fish but it was definitely sitting high up on the tower during the late 1800's and in 1902 Rudyard Kipling wrote about it in his poem "Sussex" when he used artistic licence freely and said "where windy Piddinghoe's begilded dolphin veers".

"Sun Terrace" :- Brighton's famous turquoise painted Victorian railings cast a long pattern on the middle terrace. The terrace has been named "Max Miller Walk" after Max Miller (1894 -1963) "The Cheeky Chappie" who was a famous comedian and film star and lived in Brighton. Quite a lot of the terrace has been recently closed to the public due to "safety" concerns but some sections are still open. This view is looking West towards the Brighton Wheel and Royal Albion Hotel.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill