Saturday, 15 March 2014

Life Beyond, Little East St Corner and Peace at Last

"Life Beyond" :- This is an early evening shot of Hove promenade and seafront after clearing up the pebbles and beach that the storms dumped on it a month or so ago. t now looks as though nothing ever happened as peace and tranquility is once again restored. Don't let the image fool you, there were a lot of people about, roller skaters, skate boarders, dog walkers and couples out for a stroll. Once again I patiently waited and chose my moment to grab the shot.

"Little East St Corner" :- Tucked around the side of Brighton's Town Hall you'll find Little East Street that run between Bartholomews and the Kings Road on the seafront. It has a few little cafes and restaurants and gives the feel of what old Brighton must have been like. On the bottom left of the image you can see a sign saying Little east Street, the sign is on the corner of a small alleyway that was made famous in the the film "Quadrophenia". It's the alley where Phil Daniels and Leslie Ash had their intimate encounter!

"Peace at Last" :- A burnt umber sun fights with heavy clouds to show off one final time before calling it a day. This idyllic scene was shot on the beach near Saltdean on the south coast of England. The tide was on its way back but a band of rock and chalk was acting as a barrier so the water was still calm in the pools nearer the beach. Others were happily walking by on the undercliff walk without paying much attention to the spectacle at all. I was the only one on the beach with a camera. The scene was mine for the taking.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill