Friday, 14 March 2014

Lilac Euphoria, A Seaside Resort and Overgrown Gravestone

"Lilac Euphoria" :- A different view of Brighton and the English Channel. The shot was taken from Brighton's race course high up on the race hill late afternoon / early evening. Here's a rough guide to a few of the things you can see in this shot. On the left hand side there's a white building, that's Marine Gate (now apartments) which was built in the 1930's and bombed several times during WWII due to it being next door to the gasworks which you can see (blue cylindrical metal frame) just to the right of it. Further to the right you will just be able to make out a spire. That's St Mary's Church which (due to various arguments) took 10 full years to build starting in 1838. It became redundant in 1986 and was taken over by St Mary's Hall school and used as their chapel ... this was first proposed in 1838 and was the cause of the arguments. A little further to the right and you'll see a fairly high white block which is the Royal Sussex County Hospital (& Brighton's man hospital). The white block that youis a far newer section than the original building that is still used but not visible in this image. The foundations stone to the hospital was laid on 16 March 1826. Further to the right you can clearly see the large booster aerial that overlooks a lot of Brighton enabling radio signals and TV signals to reach their intended destinations and devices. Finally (and right on the edge of the shot on the right) you can see the race course grandstand itself. Brighton race course is not circular but a 'wobbly' U shape and it also crosses a couple of roads so traffic has to be stopped during each race!

"A Seaside Resort" :- It was oppressive. You could feel the change in air pressure all around you. The temperature dropped, the wind picked up and the skies opened. It was torrential. While all others headed towards the exit in search of a warm cafe to shelter in I headed in the opposite direction, bracing myself against the storm and keeping an eye out for a decent shot. There are a lot of doorways and overhanging bits or architecture on the pier that (very handily) provide shelter and protection from the elements so I was able to grab a few images before deciding that I was wet enough and that it was time to retreat indoors.

"Overgrown Gravestone" :- Wild, overgrown and 100% natural. This solitary gravestone stands in the Churchyard of St John's Church which dates from the early 12th century. The church is in the village of Piddinghoe (near Newhaven) in Sussex. The village was once well known for smugglers and is not mentioned in the Domesday Book at so it must date from after 1086.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill