Thursday, 6 March 2014

London Road Station, Seaside Silhouette and Southern England

"London Road Station" :- London Road Station can be found in Shaftesbury Place which is just off Ditchling Rise in Brighton, UK. It was designed by David Mocatta (1806–1882) who was also the designer of Brighton's main station. He seemed to have spend much of his career designing train stations as he also designed Croydon railway station, Red Hill and Reigate Road railway station, Horley railway station, Three Bridges railway station, Haywards Heath railway station and Hassocks or Ditchling Gate railway station. London Road Station was opened to the public on 1st October 1877.

"Seaside Silhouette" :- I have many photographic muses that I return to time and time again here in Brighton. I am lucky as it's a very famous seaside resort and stacked high with history. It's full of Georgian (1720 and 1820), Regency (1800-1830) and Victorian architecture (1837–1901), it has several historical "firsts" (Cinema/Picture house, Aquarium etc) as well as the Preston Twins which are purportedly the oldest elm trees in the world at 350 years old. The sea and promenade is forever calling me time and time again so it's a place I find myself virtually every time I venture out. It's hard to ignore the trappings of tourism and the pier is impossible to avoid with over 4 million people a year visiting it.

"Southern England" :- What a view! Just a 25 / 30 minute drive east from the busy, bustling coastal city of Brighton and you can find yourself here. From Brighton Marina to Newhaven there's a line of cliffs with a natural dip in them at Rottingdean. Then for a few miles Newhaven,Tide Mills and Seaford is flat before the cliffs thunder up ponce again at Seaford Head and shoot of East. This shot was taken from the top of the cliffs between Seaford and the very picturesque and beautiful Cuckmere Estuary. The white cliff suddenly rising up into view is at Cuckmere Haven and it's the first of the "Seven Sisters". Its name is Haven Brow and is then followed by Short Brow, Rough Brow, Brass Point, Flat Hill, Bailey's Hill and finally Went Hill. The coastline is suffering and starting to disappear due to the recent storms. We have seen seven years of erosion happen in just three months. At Birling Gap they lost a huge three meters of clifftop to the sea and just a few days ago another large chalk fall happened there. It's an area that I love to visit and explore. There's a wonderful feeling of freedom. No tower blocks or ugly blots on the landscape. But the coastline of Britain is shrinking, we are getting smaller. If all the edges of Britain suffer much more we could find ourselves all crammed in to a space the size of London! That would be cosy wouldn't it! I'll add this Daily Mail link to my post too :- Birling Gap , it's an article about the erosion that's being caused. The very last image in the article is a view looking back towards where I took this shot from.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill