Monday, 10 March 2014

Pirates Ahoy!, Line In Line Out and Wet Perfection

"Pirates Ahoy!" :- I was delighted to stumble across this old bit of machinery that had been written on. I have no idea who Dylan was or why he chose to write "Pirates Ahoy!" on it but it was a lovely find. It was shot a while back by the River Ouse near the village of Southease in Sussex, England.

"Line In Line Out" :- I grabbed this shot from the pedestrian footbridge that crosses the line at London Road Station in Brighton. The lines vanish into a small tunnel that goes under the Ditchling Road. There was a huge cloud bank that made the entire image more interesting and moody.

"Wet Perfection" :- This was one of the beaches near Saltdean (Sussex) during a very serene sunset which coincided with low tide. Lilac and subtle purple hues mixed with he burning glow of the sun which in turn reflected in the water that had pooled on a stretch of sand.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill