Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Rain Stops Play (Again), White Bed and St Nicholas Lane

"St Nicholas Lane" :- To be honest I don't know much about St Nicholas Lane at all. It's located in the historical town of Lewes in Sussex. I do know that it was known as Dolphin Lane before it changed the name changed. Apparently a few of the houses down this lane still have some historical architectural elements that are of interest. There is evidence of early 16th-century Tudor constructions as well as medieval and Elizabethan.

"White Bed" :- I've noticed a lot more light being reflected off the beach near my home lately. At first it didn't dawn on me why but then the penny dropped and I realised it was because of the recent storms. The rough sea had literally scrubbed the white chalk beds clean and therefore they were gleaming and shiny white in places.

"Rain Stops Play (Again)" :- I have got to admit that I am very pleased and delighted with this shot and image. It was taken a few weeks ago during a dreadful gloomy, wet and wild Thursday afternoon on Brighton's famous pier. In order to get this shot I was huddled in the open doorway of the large domed amusement arcade at the end, trying desperately hard to keep dry and not the camera wet. Nobody was brave enough to take on the elements apart from one woman who was with a child who seemed desperate to have a go on the Dodgem Cars. Must have been a lonely drive with nobody to bump into!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill