Friday, 28 March 2014

Rainbow Tunnel, Obertrubach and School on the Hill

"Rainbow Tunnel" :- This used to be a very drab and dingy Victorian tunnel in the heart of Brighton. It's surprising how just a few brightly coloured neon tubes can change the atmosphere of a place. It's made it feel much nicer even though nothing has actually changed. This is the tunnel at the top of Brighton's Trafalgar street. The iron work that you can see (at the top of the image) supports the road, pavement and main entrance to Brighton Railway Station. The station itself (Opened 11th May 1840) was built way before Queen's road and the bridge / tunnel.

"Obertrubach" :- This is where I stopped on one of the last night when I was driving back from Romania to England. The place is called Obertrubach and it's in the district of Forchheim in Bavaria in Germany. It's not a very big place (it's population is just over 2,000) but it's very picturesque and beautiful. I'd driven (for what seemed like ages) on roads that wound their way through dense forests and woodland. At one point I seriously thought the sat nav had sent us the wrong way as nothing seemed to be in the area at all and then all of a sudden we were down a steep stretch of road where these wondrous buildings were waiting for us. We stayed in the Gasthof "Alte Post", a reasonably large traditional looking Bavarian building that was quite warren like inside. The food was superb and it has to be said that the Bavarian beer was even better!

"School on the Hill" :- Speaking personally I find the secret to most photography isn't about the camera or how much equipment you've got. It's not about what settings you use or even about how you yourself see things. In its most basic form it's about getting off your backside and getting out there. How can you possibly find yourself in the right place at the right time if you hardly ever venture out. I get asked many many times about how I got this shot or that image and it's simple. I walk a lot with the camera at the ready, sometimes for hours. There are days i get back home with just a few shots in the camera and there are others when I return with a full up memory card. I never know what I'll see or what will happen when I am out but at least I am there for when or if it does. This was one of those occasions. I was walking into Brighton from Ovingdean and the weather started to turn nasty. It got cold and you could feel and smell the dampness building up in the air. I decided to head along the huge eastern arm of the Marina in the hope of finding some shelter when the skies opened. I happened to glance back towards the direction from which i'd walked and this was the sight I saw. In this image you can see the world famous Roedean School sitting high up on the cliff top backed by storm clouds just as the sun broke through the cloud behind me and lit the entire lot up!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill