Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Running in the Shadows, Street & Spire and Four

"Running in the Shadows" :- A sunny afternoon wandering around Brighton's Stanmer Park (Sussex, England) offered up this wonderful photo opportunity. Purely by chance the distant dog walkers, parents and children playing were all perfectly placed between the trees and the shadows. I made sure I lined myself and the shot up with a tree so that it would neatly block the sun. That in turn made the shadow fall directly over me which leads the eye into the shot very neatly. 500 acres of woodland make up Stanmer Park which was once a private estate in the 1700's.

"Street & Spire" :- This is a view of Boyces Street as seen from Middle Street in the heart of Brighton, England. The spire in the background belongs to the Parish Church of St Paul which is located in West Street. St Paul's is the church that asked me (a couple of years ago) to photograph their stained glass windows for them, you can read about that here :- Pugin's Stained Glass Windows. The church dates from the mid 1800's is a Grade II listed building. The spire is of particular interest because it's octagonal and predominantly timber. It was constructed that way because in 1861 the 450 year old stone spire of Chichester Cathedral had collapsed.

"Four" :- Slowly but surely more and more of our beloved West Pier (Brighton, England) is lost to the sea and the ravages of time. She was built in 1866 by Eugenius Birch and stood strong and firm for over 100 years and then the Brighton authorities closed her to the public in 1975 and simply turned their back on her and let her rot. She was a grand and beautiful construction, full of Victorian elegance and styling. Now she's laid bare for all to see as she gently crumbles and is taken away by the storms and tides. I don't care how she looks because I don't see her for what she is now, I see her for what she was then. When I look at her I see an age where fancy architecture and finery were highly regarded, where polite behaviour was automatic and people dressed appropriately.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill