Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Seaside City, Trafalgar Shadows and Field After Field

"Seaside City" :- Here's a shot of part of Brighton (UK) from the balcony of a high rise apartment block. It was taken during a heatwave way back in June 2012 and this image shows just how relatively flat Brighton still is, it still looks pretty much like an old fishing village in places. To the right you can clearly see the Victorian pier and part of the Brighton Wheel. Just right of center there's a small green section (New Steine Gardens) running down towards the sea which is where Brighton's original chain pier (built in 1823) jutted out from.

"Trafalgar Shadows" :- This is Trafalgar Place in Trafalgar Street, Brighton, England. The area was run down and stood empty for a long time until 1991 when these office buildings (adding up to more than 250,000 sq.ft) were built. I stopped to grab this image as the shadows fascinated me and even though the hard lines of modern architecture dominate the scene mother nature is still apparent even if in spirit only!

"Field After Field After Field" :- This is the view that you get if you decide to walk from the historical town of Lewes and over the downs to Woodingdean. No man made monstrosities as far as the eye can see, just rolling fields and nature. Breathtaking isn't it.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill