Friday, 21 March 2014

Sussex Arms, Higher Ground and Brooding Cemetary

"The Sussex Arms" :- This is a shot of the back of The Sussex Arms, a bar that's located in East Street, Brighton, England. Apparently during the 18th and 19th Centuries the pub was situated at the side of a small harbour full of fishing boats. The harbour has long since gone (it's now a Taxi rank) but the pub remains firm and is still serving alcoholic beverages to this day. Up until 1816 it was under the name of the "Spread Eagle" and was another Brighton establishment frequented by smugglers.

"Higher Ground" :- A different angle and view of the twisted ruins of the West Pier on Brighton seafront (UK). The storms had whipped up the sea into a frenzy and it had not only taken another section of the pier out but it had also pushed the beach back and up. This enabled me to stand on a high shelf of pebbles and look down on the old supports and the pier itself which in effect put me at the height I would have been at if the pier was intact and I was standing on its deck! Looking at it like this now it's hard to think back to the times when as a child I walked on its boards and enjoyed its amusements.

"Brooding Cemetery" :- A bleak and moody shot of Brighton and Preston Cemetery situated on Hartington Road, Brighton, England. The cemetery opened in 1886 and covers (approximately) 28 acres of grounds. Before it was turned into the cemetery the land was originally part Scabe's Castle Farm, the last of the farm buildings were demolished in 1903.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill