Sunday, 30 March 2014

This Most Excellent Canopy, Wear and Tear and Knock Three Times

"This Most Excellent Canopy" :- I could talk and prattle on about what was going through my mind at the time or what it felt like to be there at the time etc but I shan't. The image speaks for itself and to be honest I really can't think of any words that will do it justice. It was simply another case of right time, right place. Shot on Brighton beach, Sussex, England.

"Wear and Tear" :- A moody and atmospheric shot of the beach at Ovingdean Gap on the south coast of England. If you follow the chalk line of the cliffs into the distance it will bring you to the outline of Brighton Marina and Brighton itself. This is the beach that I visit when i want to get away from it all. It's peaceful and way out of the way of the busy city and tourist areas. On hot days it gets busy but most of the time it's quiet. Rock pools are everywhere, large lumps of chalk mix with natural rocks and the odd lump of concrete. You have to look where you're going and tread carefully but it's a great place to explore and relax.

"Knock Three Times" :- There are plenty of these small doors dotted along Brighton's promenade. I'm guessing that they are service doors that allow access to the vast Victorian sewer network that's way below Brighton but i'm not 100% sure. They start appearing at intervals just under the Victorian Terrace (built in 1890) that's on the lower seafront road called Madeira Drive and they carry on as far as the marina, stop for a short while and then resume once more along the undercliff walk. I'd be fascinated to know what really is behind them or what they lead to but then another part of me doesn't want to know as 's more fun letting the imagination run riot!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill