Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Welcome to Brighton Pier, Beach Wood and Covered For Safety

"Welcome to Brighton Pier" :- Driving wind and rain forced me to take refuge and try my best to shelter on Brighton's famous pier. Fortunately the partition windows gave enough protection from the torrential downpour so I was able to grab this atmospheric (and wet) shot. The small souvenir booth that you see bracing itself against the elements is one of the original booths that used to stand at the entrance of the 1823 built Chain Pier.

"Beach Wood" :- I spotted this large piece of driftwood on the beach near Brighton Marina. It was sticking out and overhanging the pebbles that had been piled up and steeply ramped by the tide. I loved the shadows and contrast against the pebbled beach.

"Covered For Safety" :- I actually managed to get this (I shot it yesterday - 4th March 2014) without anyone getting in the way. London Road in Brighton is always busy and the pavements / sidewalks are always full of shoppers and people going about their business. Anyway I wandered along and as soon as I saw this stretch without anyone using it I set up and grabbed the image quick. This was once the grand entrance to the 1930's built CO-OP but last year we saw the entire building demolished (leaving only the 30's facade behind) and some new ghastly looking accommodation (student housing) being rebuilt in its place. I miss the old CO-OP.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill