Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wet Deck, Sussex Coast and Water Light

"Wet Deck" :- Cold, miserable and wet. Even though Brighton is a famous thriving seaside resort it's not bathed in sunshine week in week out. It's like all other coastal resorts and gets its fair share of the bad weather. However, this does mean that if you are brave enough to venture out during the driving rain you get to have some of Brighton's tourist sights and famous landmarks all to yourself. This was shot on Brighton's pier a few weeks ago.

"Sussex Coast" :- This is a shot of the main south coast road (A259), clifftop and Saltdean village. In the distance you can just make out Brighton Marina, you can also clearly see the undercliff walk that goes all the way into Brighton.

"Water Light" :- Dusk at Brighton Marina is a very atmospheric experience. The half light makes everything look deep and cold but gives it all a strange warmth at the same time. Blue exudes from all that surrounds you as the gentle lapping of water and the sounds of cables clanking on metal masts fill the air.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill