Friday, 11 April 2014

Artists Arches, Storm Horizon and View From The Forest

"Artists Arches" :- Down on the lower promenade by Brighton beach there are a series of old Victorian arches built during the reign of Queen Victoria. They were once used to house fishing boats and store nets, supplies and various bits of rigging etc. They are now known as the Kings Road arches and many have been turned into shops, bars, nightclubs and art galleries which in turn have revitalised what was once a very run down area. The galleries in this image are down on the lower esplanade opposite the Queens Hotel on the Kings Road, Brighton, UK.

"Storm Horizon" :- This very strange breakwater is virtually opposite the eastern end of the Volk's Electric Railway line near Brighton Marina. I got there just as a strange light hit the beach due to a storm front moving in. Brighton was already starting to look darker and you could feel the change in air pressure and temperature.

"View From The Forest" :- This shot and image was taken right from the edge of the mighty Friston Forest overlooking the Cuckmere Valley in Sussex, England. I'd been walking through a section of the 3,000 acres of dense woodland that make up the forest when I came to a reasonably low stone wall with a stile built into it. I decided to go over the wall and this was the view that was waiting for me. You can clearly see the majestic River Cuckmere winding its way down to meet the English Channel. On the far right of the image you can see a few cars parked up at the Golden Galleon pub.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill