Saturday, 12 April 2014

Bandstand & Storm, Grass & Water and Sundown Below

"Bandstand & Storm" :- A shot of the famous Victorian Bandstand (known as "The Birdcage") on the promenade along Brighton seafront on the south coast of England. A storm was threatening to put a damper on this Friday evening so nobody was about leaving me to wander the front and get the shots I wanted without anyone getting in my way! The bandstand was built in 1884 and is still regarded to be the one of the best examples of a Victorian bandstand in the country.

"Grass & Water" :- A dew pond on the edge of the village of Kingston in Sussex reflects the early evening light like a mirror. Not a single ripple or movement could be seen. I still had a long way to go ahead of me as I was walking back from Lewes but the scenery was making it all a very pleasant walk and grabbing the odd image along the way was keeping me busy.

"Sundown Below" :- An atmospheric and moody shot taken during sunset on the undercliff walk near Saltdean on the Sussex coast, England. The fading glow of the sun was illuminating the chalk face of the cliff just enough to pick out a few details. The light was being squeezed and forced between the sea and the large bank of heavy looking clouds.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill