Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Beach Board, Clayton Tunnel Cottage and Chichester Council House

"Beach Board" :- This image was shot way back on 5th July 2012 on a quiet Thursday morning. The beach board belonged to the life guard who was on duty and trying hard to stay attentive while guarding a very empty beach. I think t was more a case of the quiet before the storm as Brighton beach (UK) does indeed get very busy and packed with day trippers and holiday makers when the sun is out. Trying to keep your eyes on everyone can't be an easy job in a seaside resort.

"Clayton Tunnel Cottage" :- This is the famous north portal of Clayton Tunnel railway tunnel near the ancient village of Clayton in West Sussex, England. The tunnel itself is the longest on the London to Brighton Main Line measuring a pitch black 2065 metres (1 mile 499 yards). The famous turreted northern entrance/exit was built in 1841. If you look carefully between the two turrets you can see a couple of windows sitting under the roof of a small cottage which was built 8 years later in 1849. You can read more about this incredible looking Grade II listed building here :- Clayton Tunnel

"Chichester Council House" :- As the title suggests this is the council house in North Street in the city of Chichester located in West Sussex, England. It is actually a group of different buildings all connected together. The various buildings that make up the council house were built over a period of 150 years between 1731 and 1881.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill