Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bored Boards, Gate on the Hill and Hard Light

"Bored Boards" :- It's very rare to find oneself on Brighton Pier in broad daylight without anyone else being around whatsoever. I had the place to myself. This was mainly due to a thick and cold sea mist that had swamped Brighton (Sussex, England) thus forcing most of it's tourists off the streets and into chip shops and amusement arcades. Of course I had to take full advantage of this and immediately wandered around the deserted pier with camera in hand and a contented grin on my face.

"Gate on the Hill" :- There are various routes you can take when walking into Brighton from the village of Ovingdean on the south coast of England. They all take varying amounts of time to complete so it often depends on how energetic I am feeling as to which route I find myself on. By far the quickest is the path that leads from the village, up past the farm and then up and over East Brighton Golf course (the public bridleway cuts right through the middle so you have to be aware and keep your head down in case of low flying golf balls). The path finishes at the Golf Club House where it turns into a proper road with pavement / sidewalk leading you down into Whitehawk and then onto Kemptown and eventually Brighton itself. The entire walk lasts for (approx) 50 minutes and shaves off quite a lot of time from the other routes you could take. This image was taken on 18th April (Friday) 2014 just where the path splits in two and heads off towards either Roedean or the Golf Course. Naturally I took the golf course route. Haven't been hit by a ball yet!

"Hard Light" :- Late November 2012 and wintry skies were casting a cold light on gun metal seas. I'd wrapped up to the point where I looked like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters but despite the gloves, scarf and various layers I was still feeling the chill of winter and my fingers were going numb. The waves were rolling in a quite a pace and seemed to be venting their anger against the shore as the white foam tried in vain to darken the leather of my boots!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill