Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Chair & Window, Wet Seats and Free Run

"Chair & Window" :- I didn't have far to go in order to create this image as it's actually my own living room. You'll normally find me out and about on the beach with the camera or wandering around Brighton but on this occasion I elected to stay in and be creative.

"Wet Seats" :- This is the sundeck / beer garden of "The West Quay" pub and restaurant within Brighton Marina Village in East Sussex, England. It had been raining throughout the day and everything was soaked and wet through including myself. I stopped to briefly to grab this shot as i liked the stark contrast of the dark wet wood with the white boats and clouds in the background.

"Free Run" :- Cold, damp and misty. In fact it was so dreadful that I found myself to be the only person brave enough to venture out onto Brighton's famous Victorian pier. I was in that very strange position of having the pier all to myself in broad daylight! Due to the sea mist the pier's illuminations had been turned on so there was an odd glow about everything. It was all very strange and highly surreal as it made me think of some of the old horror films where there's fog and you're all alone ... except that you're not all alone. I made sure I didn't say any names three times and got the shots I wanted reasonably fast before making my escape!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill