Monday, 7 April 2014

Evening Haze, Square Subway and Distant Flame

"Evening Haze" :- A moody shot of some of the wonderful scenery that can be discovered in Sussex. The image was shot on a public right of way as I was walking from Lewes back to Ovingdean. Just right of center you can clearly see Ashcombe Windmill which is situated near the village of Kingston. The mill is being reconstructed on the site of the original mill that was destroyed during a gale in 1916. There are some old photographs of the original mill so when the new one is completed she should look identical. When she's finished she will have six sweeps (blades) but there are currently just two in place. You can read more about the mill and reconstruction here :- Ashcombe Windmill. If you look to the left of the image you can just make out a chalk path that splits in two as it snakes up the very steep hill side. The right hand path is the one that have to follow to get home, it's quite an arduous route and my calf muscles were burning like crazy once I reached the top.

"Square Subway" :- The title of this image works on two counts. The first is that the design of the subway is indeed square, not very inviting or attractive but it's definitely square. The second is that the subway is located in Brighton's Regency Square making it the Square's subway. This underground pedestrian route serves two purposes as it allows access to the underground car park (built in 1969) that resides below Regency Square and also allows people to get to the beach without having to negotiate the dangerously busy seafront Kings Road. Regency Square itself was built during the early 19th Century and most of the houses and blocks around the Square are now have been designated as Grade II listed buildings.

"Distant Flame" :- A very busy image which is odd sue to the fact that there's very little in it. A flat, wet sandy beach, a vast stretch of water, some clouds and a distant fireball in the center of our solar system. Actually, when I put it like that you suddenly realise that there's a lot going on even when on the face of it there isn't. We are spinning at (approx) 1040 miles/hr or 1670 km/hr or 0.5 km/sec. While we are revolving we are also orbiting around the sun at (roughly) 18.5 miles/sec or 30 km/sec. On top of that the solar system that we are part of is moving within the Milky way at about 155 miles/sec or 250 km/sec and just to really blow your mind a bit the Milky Way Galaxy is moving about 185 miles/sec or 300 km/sec. So while I think I am standing still on an empty beach looking out at nothing in particular I couldn't be further from the truth if I tried! Food for thought.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill