Friday, 18 April 2014

Fresh Market Produce, Shining Through and Funtasia

"Fresh Market Produce" :- A market stall vendor catches 40 winks between customers. To be honest it's not an uncommon thing to see in Thailand. If you're not busy and business is slow why not have a snooze, especially when the heat is making you feel lethargic and tired. There are enough market traders in the vicinity to keep an eye on your goods while you doze and they are also just as ready to give you a shout when a valid customer turns up. I used to go to this market on a daily basis, I loved it. It's called "Pratu Chiang Mai Market" and it's located on the southern side of the old city of Chiang Mai (Thailand). "Pratu" means gate (as in entrance gate through city walls) and that's exactly where the market is situated, by the old gate in the ancient city walls by the southern moat. This market sold everything from shoes, shirts and jeans to paper lanterns and fireworks to pork, beef, vegetables, slushy sickly sweet crushed ice drinks of varying colours and some of the most delicious street food you could wish for.

"Shining Through" :- An unconventional view and image of Brighton's famous Victorian Pier and tourist attraction. Normally you'd find yourself well below on the beach with the pier thundering over your head but due to the severe storms the beach had been pushed back and up which in turn raised me to a height that was pretty much on equal terms with the pier itself. This meant that I was able to catch the sun shinning through the glass partitions on the pier as it was starting to set in the late afternoon sky.

"Funtasia" :- A grey, wet & windy afternoon on Eastbourne seafront. The day had started out sunny and bright so we jumped in the car and headed East for a drive over the famous East Dean Road (near Beachy Head) and down into Eastbourne itself. By the time I'd walked down to the beach a storm front had moved in and sucked all the colour out of everything as well as taking any remnant of warmth with it. This image shows a very quiet Eastbourne Pier (designed by Eugenius Birch and built in 1870) preparing for the downpour that was about to be unleashed on us all.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill