Sunday, 20 April 2014

Golden Line, Down the Nave and Green Barn

"Golden Line" :- My favourite beach and hideaway. Ovingdean Gap is just a few miles East of Brighton on the south coast of England. It's away from the bustle of the city and tourists, it's quiet and it's also close to where I live.

"Down the Nave" :- This is the interior of Chichester Cathedral. It's an immense and highly impressive piece of architecture. It was founded as a cathedral in 1075 and was consecrated in 1108 so it's been a place of worship for 900 years! Chichester is the only medieval English cathedral which is visible from the sea and is a landmark for sailors.

"Green Barn" :- This large, old and worn barn door is located at the back of Stanmer Park within Stanmer Village. The village is a real throwback to a different age and time and is the only village I know of that's still part of a large estate.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill