Thursday, 3 April 2014

Ignorance, St Nicholas Path and Retro Seating

"Ignorance" :- What would have been a perfect evening sunset and shot is marred by an old while plastic container discarded on the beach. Yes, it's got holes drilled in the side to let water out and one side has been removed altogether but it's still simply been left behind. I have no idea what its purpose or use was or if it was left on the beach or washed up on the beach. To be honest none of those things bother me, what bothers me is that it's there in the first place. The human race has an ability to admire the beauty that surrounds it whilst ensuring that things do not stay beautiful for too long. We are hell bent of destroying species, rain forests and the planet itself. It's high time we wake up to what we're doing and start being responsible.

"St Nicholas Path" :- There's some serious history going on in this image. As the title suggests this is one of the paths that vuts through the grounds and graveyard of St Nicholas's Church in Brighton, England. It is not only the oldest parish church of Brighton but is also the oldest surviving building in Brighton itself! Not surprising then to find that this is yet another of Brighton's listed (Grade II) buildings. Somewhere around the middle of the 14th Century St Nicholas's was built but certain extensions and additions have been added over the centuries. In 1514 the French attacked and set light to what was then known as Brighthelmstone (Brighton's original name). Because the church was built out of town and up on a hill it was the only building that survived the attack. Both Dr Samuel Johnson (of Dictionary fame) and the Duke of Wellington were known to have worshiped here and there are various other historical figures buried within the churchyard. Captain Nicholas Tattersell (who helped King Charles II escape to France), John Weiss (surgical instrument maker), Phoebe Hessel (disguised herself as a man to enlist alongside her lover in the British Army), Martha Gunn (famous Brighton bather) and Sake Dean Mahomet (who interestingly enough introduced the Indian curry house restaurant to Great Britain) are all buried here.

"Retro Seating" :- This was taken a couple of years ago in Saltdean (on the south coast of England) during a sunny April in 2012. The retro looking seats and table were just outside the 1930's built Whitecliffs Cafe on the seafront. Quite a bit of Saltdean's major architecture has an Art Moderne look to it as most of the area was constructed in the early to mid 30's. It makes it stand out from the Georgian, Regency and Victorian look of Brighton. I have no idea of the age of the table and chairs in this image but I would hazard a guess that they are from the late 50's or early 60's.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill