Friday, 25 April 2014

Jogging, Raindown and The Quadrant

"Jogging" :- An image shot on Hove's wide and spacious promenade on the south coast of England. It's an image that I have had lying around for some time (it was shot 12 months ago on 20th April 2013). Because it was shot into the sun there's an odd quality and lighting about it all that I quite like. It's certainly not one of my better shots but I find it therapeutic to experiment and post the results from time to time.

"Raindown" :- Shot from the top of the cliffs at Ovingdean Gap. The view is looking West towards Brighton's mighty Marina and the city itself. A huge storm cloud dwarfs the coastal resort as it releases its payload of rain over the sea and part of Brighton itself. At the same time the sun was starting to lower in the late afternoon sky creating a dramatic lighting effect.

"The Quadrant" :- In a world where modernisation equates to the demolition and systematc leveling of beautiful architecture so it can be replaced by nothing more than a box with windows it's refreshing that a few old buildings refuse to lie down and die. If you really want to see just how a real English Victorian pub looked then look no further. This is "The Quadrant" pub located on the corner of Queens Road and Air Street in Brighton, UK. It started of life in 1864 and was originally known as the Quadrant Hotel and believe it or not it's been serving alcohol and beer to the masses ever since! The ornate gold panel that sits over the door actually reads "Tom Bovey" and the gold panel above the window (far left of image) reads "Wine and Spirit Importer". Both signs are late-Victorian originals and Tom Bovey was The Quadrant landlord at the turn of the 20th century. You can read more about this wonderful Victorian establishment here :- The Qaudrant

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill