Sunday, 27 April 2014

Nature's Spotlight, Under Construction and Glynde Church & Gate

"Nature's Spotlight" :- An early evening shot from Brighton beach on a chilly January day. A break in the clouds allowed a shaft of sunlight to burst through creating a channel of light on the sea.

"Under Construction" :- A section of pavement / sidewalk is covered and boarded to protect those on the street (London Rd, Brighton) from the building work that's going on. The shiny boards reflect the light from the small square opening at the far end. More student accommodation is being built on a site that was once a grand Co-op department store which was built in 1931. It was a huge four storey building with the front measuring 54.86 meters (180 feet) with a couple of large doric styled columns over the main entrance. They recently demolished the entire building leaving only the frontage intact.

"Glynde Church & Gate" :- This is St.Mary's Church in the village of Glynde, England. It's an 18th Century Church (built in 1763) and is a rarity in that it's walls are knapped (squared) flints instead of the rough flint rubble walls that are usually found within Sussex. The interior has walls that are covered in printed hessian.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill