Thursday, 17 April 2014

Platform Subway, Stone, Sand & Sea and Kings House

"Platform Subway" :- This is the pedestrian subway that leads underneath the train tracks from the southern platform to the northern (west bound) platform of London Road Station in Brighton, UK. It looks old and is old as the station was opened on 1st October 1877. The station was designed by David Mocatta (who was also the designer of Brighton Station). I stooped to take this shot as I liked the colours and old feel of the place as well as the play of natural light at the top against the illuminated section below.

"Stone, Sand & Sea" :- A bit of an abstract and surreal shot of the beach between Rottingdean and Saltdean on the south coast of England. The tide was beginning to make its way back in but the water still trapped from the previous tide was deadly still and calm as the rocks further out were acting as a natural barrier. I got reasonably low for the shot so I could make full use of the harsh sunlight giving the impression that a strip of rocks were floating in space.

"Kings House" :- This is the very grand looking "Kings House" situated on the corner of Grand Avenue and Kingsway in Hove. Originally "Kings House" was built as seven Italianate-style mansion blocks in 1872. It then became the "Prince’s Hotel" and earned the reputation of being one of the best hotels around with central heating in each bedroom and hot and cold seawater baths. In 1942 it was commandeered by the Royal Navy and named "H.M.S. Lizard ". The Navy used it as a shore training base and also for holding operation personnel before sending them on to other bases. Then in 1947 SEEBOARD (formerly South Eastern Electricity Board) made it their headquarters. Since 1996 it's been the council headquarters of Brighton and Hove City Council (it was the council that renamed the building "Kings House") and is now a Grade II listed building. There was rumour that the council were putting the magnificent building up for sale but nothing seems to have come of that (so far).

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill