Friday, 4 April 2014

Sky Palette, Twisted Metal and Anyone For A...

"Sky Palette" :- As the sunlight fades on the day it turns the evening approaching sky into a rich shade of lilac. Over the brow of the distant hill sits the seaside resort of Brighton, full or tourists and noise, bars and nightclubs. Just a few miles East and you are here in the ancient and historical village of Ovingdean. The village is mentioned in the Domesday book of 1086, it has an 11th Century Church that still hold services and the entire area is very rural and peaceful. Unfortunately a major company called Lightwood Strategic want to build a new housing estate on a very green and pleasant horse field in the village. The village is currently trying to stop the development and needs all the help it can muster. There's an online petition to sign here :- Petitioning Brighton and Hove Planning Authorities

"Twisted Metal" :- A seriously moody, dark and foreboding image of the remains of Brighton's Victorian built West Pier on the south coast of England. The weather front was moving in fast from the West and shrouding the light as it advanced. The sun was hidden by cloud but was managing to put up a fight and broke through long enough create a dynamic background for the pier's iron frame.

"Anyone For A..." :- Not the sort of thing most would photograph and to be honest many would probably consider it to be a "throw away" shot. However, I like it as there's so much going on in this image. Firstly ... it's sunny. It was a real scorcher of a day and I'd wandered down to Brighton marina for a stroll and taken my camera along with me (naturally). Secondly, there's a lot of colour for such a mundane subject. Finally, there's so much going on and everything paints the picture and tells the story. The doors are open at the back as it was such a hot day (a stated earlier), the main entrance is to the left and down the side. Barrels are by the wall waiting for collection and heating up the metal to a hand burning degree. A customer is silhouetted against the window and the clear blue sky on the other side of the building.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill