Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Lights Are On..., Stony Mere Way and Indigo

"The Lights Are On... " :- A thick and heavy sea mist had rolled in over the English Channel and swallowed much of Brighton. It was like a scene from an old 1940's "Quatermass" film or the opening segment in the movie "28 Days Later" as the mist had apparently consumed Brighton's population too. Nobody was about at all and I found myself walking around the famous pier completely alone. What made it even more eerie was that there was no scenery or sea to observe, everything effectively stopped the other side of the pier's Victorian railings but the lights had been turned on and were glowing mysteriously.

"Stony Mere Way" :- The name of this stretch of road should give you a clue as to where it is if you know the local area around Brighton, Sussex, England. It's location is alongside the main Lewes Road (A27) and it's the approach road to Stanmer Park & Village which was originally known as "Stony Mere". In this image the A27 thunders overhead carrying traffic between Eastbourne and Portsmouth as well as dropping people off to all the places that lay between. In the distance you can see a road dip down, that's the A270 into Brighton which terminates at St Peter's Church giving way to the A23 down to the seafront. I waited patiently to get this shot without any cars driving through or anyone walking past (there were a few). Needless to say I got some funny looks as they tried to work out what it was i was photographing. The usual nervous giggles and wary ridicule that happens when someone doesn't understand something or feels they are stupid for not knowing what's going on or fears they are missing something. "There's nothing there to photograph mate!". Oh but there is, if only you could open your eyes and mind.

"Indigo" :- Low tide, some heavy clouds and twilight come together to make this rich, colourful beach image. They don't call it the "Blue Hour" for nothing. The beach at Ovingdean Gap is thick with pebbles and shingle but underneath all that there's a pearly white chalk bed. If you get your timing right at happen to be there at dusk the chalk reflects the evening sky along with the pools of salt water and the entire scene is turned into a myriad of shades of blue.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill