Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tree & Grange, Boat on Hove Beach and Birds

"Tree & Grange" :- This is a shot of Southover Grange and it's gardens in the historical and ancient town of Lewes in Sussex, England. It was built in 1572 by William Newton which makes the house and gardens date from the 16th century. The Grange was owned by the Newton family for nearly 300 years up until 1860. In the late 1700's the Prince of Wales (who became the Prince Regent and King George IV) stayed at the Grange and was on one occasion accompanied by Mrs Fitzherbert.

"Boat on Hove Beach" :- An old weathered and worn wooden boat sits discarded on Hove beach on the south coast of England. It's seen better days and has given up hope of feeling the water carry it and being seaworthy again. The mid afternoon sun has it's light scattered through the clouds causing the boat to fall into a shadowy silhouette. Nothing can be heard apart for the waves crashing in.

"Birds" :- At first glance all you see is pier, beach and water. But look more carefully into the image and you'll see that the sky is littered with birds, hundreds of them. They are starlings and at this time of year they suddenly appear as a dense black moving mass known as a murmuration. A few years ago they used to swarm around the old ruins of the West Pier but after it "mysteriously" burned down they stopped and seemed to disappear for a while. Now they are back and it's great to have them swooping in and around the Brighton Pier because this time you can actually walk out along the pier and watch them from off shore. They buzz overhead en masse in a chattering flurry of feathers and blurred shapes.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill