Thursday, 1 May 2014

Aquamarine, Rising Shadow and Working Electric Fountain

"Aquamarine" :- A pleasant evening stroll on Brighton beach was enhanced by a wonderful sunset serving up a palette of gorgeous colours. The ruins of the West Pier were hard to ignore and served as my muse once again. She draws me in time and time and time again. I try to turn the other cheek and not take notice but then find I an inexplicably made to stare at her raw beauty and capture her frame over and over and over again. This shot was taken a week ago on the 24th April 2014.

"Rising Shadow" :- This set of steps leads up from Madeira Drive ( Brighton's lower seafront road) to the 853.44 meters (2,800 feet) long and 7.62 meters (25 feet) wide Victorian built (1890's) Madeira Terrace to the right and the Aquarium Terraces to the left. The Aquarium's original roof terrace was completed in 1874 and is forever being used for various things redeveloped.

"Working Electric Fountain" :- Seems like an odd title at first as I can hear you all shouting out in unison "The waters shooting out...we can see it's working thank you !". But there's a reason I titled the image "Working Electric Fountain". This is no ordinary fountain, it's a pretty unique bit of history and once again it's in Brighton, England. It's actually located in Victoria Gardens which is (approx) a 5 minute walk from Brighton's Royal Pavilion. The "Mazda Electric Fountain" was given to the town of Brighton in 1930 by Thomson-Houston Ltd following an exhibition. Nobody is quite sure as to which exhibition it came from but there is speculation that it was from the British Empire Exhibition of 1925. The fountain originally had two mechanisms, one would drive the jets of water and the other would control concealed coloured lighting that would illuminate the water from below. The lighting has long since failed to work and the fountain fell into a serious state of disrepair. But recently it's been restored, painted and turned on once again and much to everyone's delight is still managing to squirt jets of water high into the air after nearly 90 years. If you look carefully in the background you can just make out to the right of the fountain an odd TARDIS looking box with small windows, that's actually the old 1930's control box for the fountain. They certainly built things to last back then. Today everything seems to be constructed with a built in life expectancy to make us shop and spend more. Each year in November there's the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run which is the longest-running motoring event in the world (believe it or not the first run was in 1896). In order to qualify for the run all cars taking part must have been built before 1905. I can't see any of our modern cars taking part in a run like that in 2123 (109 years time)!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill