Monday, 26 May 2014

Diffused, Lines of Reflection and Wall Light

"Diffused" :- This is the beach near Roedean on the edge of Brighton, UK. It's a mixture of concrete, sand, pebbles, rocks and chalk. It's an atmospheric place to be and free from the crowds that frequent the more popular beaches near the pier in famous coastal city. On this particular day a heavy fog was rolling in from the sea causing the light to "grey out" and dissipate. The odd looking dark structure shrouded in mist and sticking out into the sea on the left of the image is the huge protective Eastern arm of Brighton marina.

"Lines of Reflection" :- Once in a while a situation will arise where an image presents itself "out of the blue" and you can't believe your luck as you jump up and down with excitement. This image is the result of one of those moments. Last week I managed to escape Brighton for a few days and had a break visiting friends and exploring a bit of the UK. One of the places I have wanted to visit for a long time is Bletchley Park which was for a long time Britain's top secret site for code and cypher breaking during WWII and also where Alan Turing (considered by many to be the father of modern computer science as the world knows it) created the Bombe machine and cracked Enigma with his team. Well, Bletchley Park is in Milton Keynes (approx an hours drive north of London) in Buckinghamshire so we decided to stay a couple of nights up there in a place called "Peartree Lodge Waterside Hotel". The hotel is situated by the Grand Union Canal that runs through the large town so I decided to take a walk along the canal's tow path with my camera on the first afternoon to see what I could see. After a 10 minute winding walk along the snaking canal I got to a large modern looking tunnel that was in fact a wide stretch of road (the A421) known as "Standing Way" crossing the canal. It looked boring, drab, grey and colourless. I shrugged a little and decided to walk on a bit anyway even though the view was "soulless". And then I saw it! With the light just at the right angle the still, calm water of the canal acted as a mirror and the image presented itself to me as the traffic thundered overhead!

"Wall Light" :- Simple, bland and something that many would walk past without even giving it a second glance or thought. The reason I stopped and grabbed a shot of it is that I liked the symmetry of the brickwork and the placing of the light as well as the shape of the light itself breaking up all the straight lines. There was something rather appealing about it all in an ordinarly unnapealing way (if that makes any sense). You can find this light (and many other like it) on a wall behind "The West Quay" which is a Wetherspoon's pub & restaurant in Brighton Marina.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill