Saturday, 31 May 2014

Eight Straight, Hundatora and STOP

"Eight Straight" :- There's no better time to share this image with you all than today as I have just read in The Argus (our local paper) that these columns are going to be removed (full story here :- West Pier columns to be removed from the beach). The West Pier has become one of my muses over the years. I have grown to love her more and more as I have watched her sorry decline as she slowly gives way to the sea and elements. The huge posts that once supported her decks are as much a part of her as the main skeletal structure is that was once a grand Victorian theatre. They provide a roost for birds and also home for many mussels and I personally find them a wonderfully surreal addition to the landscape and famous Brighton coastline. I will be very sorry to see them go as they take part of my muse away.

"Hundatora" :- The stark, majestic beauty that is Dartmoor (a vast area of moorland in south Devon, England) never ceases to amaze me. Its harshness eats into your soul and bites hard as its soft heathers, mosses, ferns and colours act as an anaesthetic. Everything has a desaturated look and feel about it. The only vibrant colour to be seen is the rich, lush green of the grass as everything else around is a mixture of subtle earthy browns and edgy granite greys. This barren, hard collection of rocks is known as Hound Tor. It's located just a short drive from the B3387 between the wonderfully named Bovey Tracey and Widecombe-in-the-Moor. The tor is legendary for several reasons which are :-

It's near the site of the remains of 13th Century farmsteads, on land originally farmed in the Bronze Age.

The entire area in and around the tor is famed for its ghosts.

It's reputedly to have been the inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes story 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'

It's featured in countless film and TV dramas the most notable being Eastenders, Dr Who (the 'Sontaran Experiment') and of course the BBC television series Sherlock.

The highest point of the tor stands at 1,358ft (414m)

I chose 'Hundatora' as the title for the image as that's the name that was first recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086.

"STOP" :- This is the sort of shot that nobody would even think of taking. I found myself standing at a bus stop (at the bottom of New Steine Gardens) late at night and just happend to have my camera with me ( I nearly always have my camera with me). I wasn't even sure if the shot would work or come out right but thought it was worth a try anyway which is one of the huge joys of digital photography, it costs nothing to experiment. Considering it's a night shot it's surprisingly colourful. On the far right of the image you can just make out a few of the lights on the famous Brighton Pier (formerly & preferably known as the Palace Pier). There was the odd car (mainly taxis) drving past but due to the time of night (it was nearly midnight) the roads were fairly clear so it was relatively easy to get a clean shot. This stretch of road is "Marine Parade" (A259) which runs between Brighton Marina and the Pier.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill