Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Gold in the Trees, Brick Bridge and Washed Away

"Gold in the Trees" :- There's a well known beauty spot on the edge of Brighton called "Devil's Dyke". It's actually just in West Sussex but is only a ten or fifteen minute drive into the famous East Sussex seaside City. It's been in the news over the last day or so as a huge illegal rave was held there over the weekend which scattered the area with litter and broke the idyllic silence and beauty of it all. I shot this at Devil's Dyke a couple of weeks ago (14th May 2014) on my way back to the car just as the sun was going down. The Dyke istelf is a 100m deep V-shaped valley that was carved by huge amounts of water running off the Downs during the last Ice Age.

""Brick Bridge" :- Several longboats sit moored to the towpath along part of the Grand Union Canal. The canal stretches for 220.48 kilometers (137 miles) between London and Manchester and has 166 locks to negotiate along its watery route. This section is located in an area known as Waterside in Milton Keynes.

"Washed Away" :- Shot way back on the 29th September 2012 on Peacehaven beach on the south coast of England. The breakwaters along the south coast are vital to the protection of the chalk cliffs and many of the towns and vllages that hug the southerly edge of the UK. Without them longshore drift would slowly erode and wash away the beach and in turn expose the chalk to the heavy waves and threaten the populated areas with flooding from the sea. This does mean however that the breakwaters themselves are in direct line taking the full force of the elements and the sea, not all of them hold up as well as others.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill