Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Here Be Giants, Start Your Engines and Mussels

"Here Be Giants" :- The gloriously wide expanse of Stanmer Park (on the outskirts of Brighton, England) is peppered with wonderfully large and old trees. Some have managed to retain their personal space and stand proud and tall without hinderance. Others were not so brave and have ended up grouped together in vast patches of woodland taking refuge in the old adage of there being safety in numbers. It's a superb park to walk around and it does at time conjure up tales of old where giants could be found sleeping or cows could be swapped for a handful of beans. It's hard to believe the park is on the edge of a vast and sprawling city.

"Start Your Engines" :- At the far end of Brighton's famous Victorian Pier (on the south coast of England) you find various thrill seeking rides and a few old funfair favourites. It's normally a hive of activity as tourists and day trippers try to make themselves heard over the sound of loud music and the odd scream! On this occasion I got my timing right and found myself at the end just as they were about to close up for the night. The throngs of people had vanished and the rides and various entertainments were being shut down for the night. The Dodgems or Bumper cars caught my attention as they'd all been neatly lined up and told to behave themselves. It was an opportunity to good to miss!

"Mussels" :- It always fascinates me that as things die or decay other things are born evolve or regenerate. A boat sinks and goes down, it sits on the ocean bed for years and thus becomes home to other forms of life. A castle will crumble and fall and again that will eventually in turn become home to greenery, animals and insects. The ruins of Brighton's West pier are no different. As she slowly crumbles and falls into the sea her iron girders, beams and elegant frame become a roost for the gulls and a place for the starlings to swarm in their vast murmuration. As the tides rise and fall the sealife takes full advantage of the metal work too. Here's one of the old large iron support posts on the beach. It's clustered thick with mussels sunning themsleves whilst waiting for the retuning tide.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill