Sunday, 25 May 2014

It's in the Trees, Discarded Mail and Blood Red Sky

Well...after a week away holidaying in the UK I have returned refreshed and am now ready to resume sharing my images with you. Obviously I took my camera along with me whilst I was away so there are many new images for me to process and upload over time. So without further ado here's today's three images ...

"It's in the Trees" :- I had this world of fantasy to myself. There were many people about but I was the only one that strayed from the path and entered this place of shadows. It looks like a mythical realm of enchantment but in actual fact it's simply a small wooded area by the car park at Devil's Dyke, a well known beauty spot high up on the south downs near Brighton, England. It was late evening and very busy but everyone there seemed to take on sheep like behaviour and stuck to the same paths and routes, following each other so they could all stand in the same places en masse and look at the same things. I broke away from the joggers, dog walkers, paragliders and sandwich eaters in search of my own views and scenes and found this one.

"Discarded Mail" :- This building was built somewhere around 1889 by Edmund Scott. It's situated at the top of Church Street (orginally known as "North Back Side") and was at one time the drill hall of the Royal Sussex Regiment. I have only known it as the Royal Mail's parcel-sorting office which it became in 1967 just one year after I was born. The building is another of Brighton's Grade II listed structures. If you look above the door you can see the pins that used to hold the letters that read "Royal Mail".

"Blood Red Sky" :- A smouldering sunset as seen from Hove beach on the south coast of England. The breakwater and buildings on the front were thrown into silhouette as the light slowly faded. It's a time of calmness and peace as everything seems to slow down as the sun drops from view. If you zoom into the image you can follow the coast along to the next large town which is Worthing. The chimney on the right sits on top of the old power station at Shoreham. It used to have two chimneys but the eastern chimney was blown up and demolished much to the delight of a large crowd on 16 July 1988.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill