Saturday, 3 May 2014

Market Street, Beach Benches and Roasted Beach

"Market Street" :- This is the Eastern end of Market Street as it spills out into East Street in Brighton. This area is part of the famous Brighton Lanes which were once part of the original settlement of Brighthelmston. The area was developed during the late 18th century and by 1792 it was pretty much completed and as you see it now. The boundaries of the Lanes are considered to be North Street to the north, Ship Street to the west and Prince Albert Street and the north side of Bartholomew Square to the south. East Street or Market Street (in this image) are part of the less well-defined eastern boundary. It's an area that's always thriving and busy, full of tourists and locals, boutique stores, cafes and bars. It's extremely rare to get a shot of the place without anyone in view at all so i jumped at the chance when I spotted it was unusually deserted!

"Beach Benches" :- This is part of the concourse on the lower promenade on Brighton beach. The bench tables belong to one of the many beach bars that are located wthin the old Victorian Kings Road arches. When the sun is out it's a great place to sit and have a drnk as you watch the world go by but it's also very busy so not as relaxing as you'd like it to be. Some of the bars have live music being performed outside by small bands. Some play jazz and some play covers of more modern songs. It's all a very happy and buzzing atmosphere. I caught his view just as one of the bars was closing up for the evening and they were about to stack everything to one side.

"Roasted Beach" :- It wasn't until I processed this image that I realised just how much the beach looked like it was made from rich roasted coffee beans. The sun had been baking everything throughout the day and as it set it cast long shadows and turned all it could nto a deep luxurious brown. The odd post sticking up are actually huge iron supports that were once part of Brighton's West Pier. They used to hold aloft Ladies & Genlemen of he Victorian era and carried on entertaining people throughou the early 1900's right up until 1975 when the pier was finally closed for good. In 1969 the West Pier famously became one of the major cast members in Richard Attenborough's directorial debut film "Oh! What a Lovely War". These posts once carried Sir John Mills, Susannah York, Dame Maggie Smith, Sir Ralph Richardson, Vanessa Redgrave, Sir Laurence Olivier, Kenneth More, Sir John Gielgud, Dirk Bogarde, Edward Fox, Ian Holm and many many more.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill